Thursday, August 20, 2009


well i didn't posted much recently, due to the lots and lots of works at a+. so anyway, today i've ended my internship there. it was fun, really, the tension, the rush, the fashion. that's a one hell of an internship, imust say.

so, i'm just looking at my fb and twitter, reading my own status one by one. and i think i should post my status at my blog, you know, in case if my fb/twitter is gone or whatever. anyway, not being arrogant, but i love my own status you know, its like my own personal quote that i wrote my self. and they're resembling each of my day in only 20 sentences or so.

so here is my facebook status updates in august!!

-i always envy those who updates their fb status as 'is sleeping', apparently they managed to do things while they're a sleep.

-who is your daddy? and what does he do?

-i don't think you understand the meaning of 'not involved', jack ass.

-you don't tend to care when you're out getting your daily fuck, aren't you?

-life is a 24 hours drama scenario, we're definitely entitled to something. the problem is, i don't think i play as the good guys.

-you'll never know why the earth is full of joint. just sit back and enjoy.

-i don't see the reason why i shouldn't commit a suicide in approximately 60 seconds.

-its like a journey to the west, only dumber

-I'm not proud of who I am now I'm proud of who am I become.

-i made me better than myself

and pleaseee, you didn't think that i'd forgot about twitter ain't ya??

-remember when i said 'i'm gonna hit the bed'? i lied. apparently, tv series are more interesting than a nice peaceful 9 hours of sleep

-you think you're a sad sack, when you're not. you think you're right, when you're so not. i think i've just spelled a drama queen.

-Its funny how a simple gesture could take a man back to the ground. I guess, love really do moves in a mysterious way.

-Its creepy how I understand all the medical thingy from a tv series. Well, I watched a lot

-and now you're telling me to use every minutes in my miserable life to suck it? you SUCK it!

-first its hannah montana, now jonas brother. what next in disney channel?? hobo town for the retarded son?????

-well hello. it's just me again with tons of innuendos for you.

-you're one hell funny dwarf. please, get yourself killed.

-Birthday is just a fun way to get you one step closer to death

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