Friday, October 23, 2009

another life in motion

people often say things they didnt even mean to.
pretty things that made others feel secure,
they said that whatever happen, they'll always be there
and in the end, they didnt
they said 'im sorry, i have a lot in my mind' like a couple of months ago
and in the end, they'll forget about us

so what's up with friendship anyway?
when everybody say that friendship is forever and never dies.
i'd say 'fuck off, you don't live in a tv shows'
cause the truth is,
friends is just like a old-fashioned clothes,
and you'll always need a new one.

shallow isn't?
but that's reality.

cause whenever you think of having 'real' fun with your so-called-friends,
you'll ended up lying in your room,
and realized that you're fucked up.

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