Sunday, October 18, 2009

hi all!

hi! so once again, i didnt update my blog due to million reasons of laziness, lol. anwy, here's my recent playground activity featuring jessica emorous masson and sheilly wijaya.

lately i've been in love with black and white you knw, like its so cool with all the excitement and hard flash banging onto the model's skin. hahaha. its epic kinda shoots. anwy, i just rearrange my room for better future. here's the picture!

so i make a new 'wall of fame' in my room to put all my work (blom dicetak semua) and my holga pictures. and oh! this leopard printed dice is actually a room refresher, it has a lovely vanilla scent. hype that!!

and last but not least, ofcourse my new yamaha c330a ( iknow, it's so amateur), see that sticker? i bought it several years ago in bandung, when i still in highschool. it brings back memories i must say. and of course a gift from my lovely friend rio, a nice seat cover, it really made my day. love the color!! it matched my mat.

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