Wednesday, October 28, 2009

the tag game

just tag at least one of your human friend;

i hate it when morning comes
i hate it when morning didn't comes
i hate the abnormaly hot weather
i hate rainy days
i hate when it rains while i riding my bike
i hate quick burned cigarette
i hate long burned cigarette
i hate my camera
i hate my f-ing windows desktop
i hate my unregistered windows 7
i hate my printer
i hate my internet connection
i hate it when my head hurts
i hate it when my room is messed up
i hate it when my room is too clean
i hate my oversized bed
i hate my belly
i hate the fact that i don't have any income this couple of month
i hate smoking
i hate when i couldn't smoke
i hate it when i tagged lydiavalensia and alinesubi

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