Monday, January 25, 2010

websites that hip

do you guys have an account in every websites that's currently hip? i know i do. i mean, i don't updates a lot, *except for my facebook and -ehm- twitter, but i just found it interesting to try every websites possible. lots of different function, different design and lay out, colors, and types. and honestly, it's kinda flattering to have lots of 'website' that you could write on your facebook's info. yeah, i know, i'm a sad little man.
anyway, here is a bunch of websites that im already a member of. well, not all of them, because i cant seem to find my myspace, plurk, live connector and flickr id.
site for a designers to upload their artsy stuff and wait for peops to comment.
you guys know what this is riiighhtt??
site for a fashion minded person to show peoples around the world what they wear today. well, most likely what they feel like taking picture with.
kinda like blogspot, only more user friendly (no css or html needed). and theres a feature that allows you to grab someones picture or text.
remember facebook? remember facebook statuses? yeah
i really dont know what this site really made for

thats it i guess. so, do you guys have more than 2 accounts *facebook and friendster*? share some! and meanwhile, i'll learn how to get a life. geezz