Thursday, September 2, 2010

current addiction and current status

so ironically, the holidays are coming and my maids were gone at the moment. possibly for 2 weeks or more, or maybe they wont coming back at all. neat.
jadi di waktu waktu yang terbatas ini, gue menyibukan diri dengan :

high consumption of cigars
dog-loving or wtv
im just joking. liburan gue ga semuanya begitu. im currently working on my clothing line project. sounds cool huh? not at all. seriously. susah banget. gue baru sadar kalo bikin ginian itu harus dipertimbangkan masak2. so we'll keep in touch about that.
and now, im gonna share some of my current addiction:

been hooked up real good with these babies. its a story about a cop-consultant that's so good at cold-reading that he's almost technically 'psychic'. i really love the patrick jane char, bener2 pinter abis, dan semua omongannya -either sarcasm or insults- diiringin dengan senyum. dan lastly, gw baru pertama kali liat asian/korean actor di amrik yang actingnya super keren, tom a.k.a kemble cho. inti kata, this series are worth to watch!

lately, i like to reblog things. theres a lot of cool pictures here. seriously. if you have a tumblr, kindly follow me here. and im sure gonna follow you back!

ini mah... ga ada matinye. follow me guys! here


thats about it! my holiday thingy. and oh! almost everyday, you could see me hanging with my friends *or alone, at starbucks central park. been addicted to their cafe americano lately. seriously, its addictive as hell. gw sampe dikenalin sama barista2 sono =P.

so im going back to my project. wish me luck. and i hope you guys have an epic holiday!

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/nidyawiguno said...

You're doing your own line? Asik sekali udah mulai. Gw insyallah abis lulus nih. Nanti kalo udah terkenal kita featuring yuk Te hahahahhahaa. Itu btw dog loving tp dog-nya di cekek -_____-