Monday, November 22, 2010

recent happening

just got a new starbucks 2011 planner. wohoo! they said that it worth about 750.000 idr. well, i'm not gonna open my wallet for that kinda money..
anyway, it was worth it, you know, buying starbucks everyday *im not that fed up actually. and still gonna hang at starbucks cp even if i've got the planner.

oh and i've been interviewed at elle, and now i'm officially a fashion stylist at elle! (intern...), so the next post, is about my internship!


Ario Achda said...

wow....congratulation for the internship!!!!!!!!

so when r u gonna have free time for us again? missin hangin out with u guys so bad.

andres suliano said...

thanks yo! honestly, my schedule are over-flowed this week. how about next week?? :(