Monday, August 15, 2011

keep calm

lately, ive been wondering what life's all about. another cliche maybe. but, seriously, what's life all about? is it money? love? sex? for God's sake it wasnt meant to be a happy ending in the first place for all we know. it fucks. it sucks. so, my conclusion is, and only one; life is about finding what life's really about. it has to be it. and we'll know it when we died. just then, we'll finally figured out whats right and whats wrong, what has to be done and what has not to be done, what should we hold tight onto and what should not we hold tight onto.
it might not be jolly, but, look at the bright side, it happens and it does include us, whether we're the main role or just a cameo.

the reason why i posted this crap? i don't even know.
the reason why i posted all those pictures? i don't know either, im not a photographer.
the reason why i posted all those clothes i wore and i adore? that one, i know.
it's simply the easiest thing to do to find myself, to get to know me better. it might not be your taste and all, but fuck that. im young, im free, currently trying to find out what life's all about by all these clothes, finding one that shields me better than the others.

i aint saint and aint sinner either. but this one i know sure, im not a fashionista or all that crap, im just a simple guy with a bigger point of view.


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