Thursday, May 28, 2009

religions and life

this afternoon i had a really serious conversation with my friends. like what is religion? which one is the 'one' in this world? like we know there are many religions, and by many i meant, you can't even count them one by one.

well, they discussed things about pagan, illuminati, moslem, budhist, christians, and etc. yeah i know, we just watched angels and demons. and even i got to thinking, why should we care about religion when we believed in God Himself? i don't know about you guys, and i don't know if i'm right or wrong. but that's just my opinion for life and religion.
i know, i don't really understand the meaning of religions, but, as long as i believe in the existence of God. i know i'm save and sound. and honestly, i'm interested more in science than religions. i am a boy with a lust of curiosity and probably will have sex with facts.

and please, do note this. i'm not saying that religions are fake or anything. i'm just implying my self, about my opinion, and my life. really. and if there's any of you guys who've been hurted by my post, please, i'm sincerely apologize.

here is a screenshoot of angels and demons (which is probably my favorite movie, after devils wears prada ofcourse, and penelope, and many movie with a geek who ended up with the babe. yeah)

and here i thought davinci's code is the coolest move that dan brown ever made.

so why i included angels and demons with this post? well, you can't discuss something about religions without dan brown' masterpiece, right?

watch the movie, and you'll know what i mean.


adeline d said...

begoo aahh bisa samaaa hahhaa

ate the batere said...

hahahhahahahahhahaha friiik kan.