Saturday, October 31, 2009

what is..

what is blog anyway? so called blog.
honestly, when i say blog, i always find it kinda cool to have one. so, maybe, just maybe, to me, blog is just something you have to have when you consider yourself cool or something. fuck. yeah, fuck my pride.
so to others? i mean, they really do the blogging, not that kinda shit when people trying to educate another idiot who can't even glue some paperworks. man, that's so low. but this time, for the second time, right after raditya dika. there's someone who really do blog.

besame mucho

she's my colleague in my campus. she's not afraid (obviously). she's a fellow designer. and her writings is an art itself. =)

so, yeah yuranda mohammad. fuck you, i salute you, and i envy your writings.

1 comment:

Yuranda Mohamad said...

wah beneran!
terima kasih lagi ndres.. saya berharap tidak ada lagi kasus di blog saya yang membuat saya membatasi diri saya untuk telanjang.