Thursday, November 5, 2009

facehunter's (yvan rodic) party at echo bar!!!

weird conversation with mr.Rodic
me: can i take a picture with you?
Yvan: sure!
me: so how's jakarta doing for you?
Yvan: it's such a beautiful country bla bla bla (can't hear clearly due the music playin')
me: i see, so you're goin to bali tomorrow?
Yvan: yeah, for the first time bla bla bla (again, can't hear clearly)
me: have fun in jakarta then!
Yvan: thanks, actually bla bla bla bla (still, music playin')
me: have fun in jakarta then! (!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
i'm such a dork, cant even find a word to say in front of famous peoples. and this isnt just happen once. twice, or i must say uncountable. fuck. sorry for the weird conversation i gave you mr. Rodic. visit jakarta again soon. and i'll practice more in the mirror, or even write a topic in my sleeve.

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