Sunday, February 7, 2010

another moment of truth

here i am, again,
alone in this spot at toni jack's sarinah.
it's 1 in the morning and i'm still drinking my milo slowly,
sitting quietly, listening to chatters that is so random,
that it doesnt sounds like a verb anymore.
freak, i know.
melancholic, baby i know.
but, if you think about it,
for someone like me, who scared of tomorrow
this place's the only one that cheers me up the most.
you know, hearing the random voices,
watching everyone i didnt know,
gazing car lights from the big streets that never sleeps.
cause if you think about it,
when everything around you are moving so fast,
that's your cue to stop doing anything,
and enjoy the moment of yourself,
without thinking about tomorrow, or well, maybe the next morning.


Ario Achda said...

i love it when u get so vulnerable...


the mighty andres is just another melancholic robot...hohoho

Rchliey said...

niceee photo tee :)

andres suliano said...

@ario; hahhaha. gw gatau harus merasa flattered atau sedih lo ngmg kaya gitu. hahahaha

@rchiley; fotonya gw ambil dari googleeee. ga bawa kamera waktu itu. hahaha