Monday, February 8, 2010

yet, another moment of truth

as i grew up to be the man i am right now,
i noticed a few things in life.
that there's no such thing as dreams come true.
cause in 5 minutes after you dreamt of something,
reality strikes again.
and i, my self, don't believe in dreams.
i mean, it's all great and you know, dreamy.
but i always thought that you couldnt hold onto it.
even if it feels real.
even if it's better than your current life.
even if it's the way you want your life to be.
cause the more you hold on it, the more it blown away,
higher and higher from the ground.
and finally, after you realized that you couldn't reach it anymore,
all you can do is lay on the ground, doing nothing,
cause your life now, is officially fucked up.


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